Explore All of your Interests to Find the Perfect Major

Classes you should take as an undecided major

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If you don’t already have a major in mind, you might be wondering where to start. We have some advice:

1. Be open-minded when making your schedule. Pick a variety classes that match your interests in your first semester. You might find that you feel more or less drawn to something as a career option as you study it more in depth.

2. Get involved. You’re going to learn a lot in your classes, but there’s a lot to learn outside of them, too. Join some clubs that interest you. You might find students with similar interests who are turning their passion into their profession.

3. Get help. At Southeast Missouri State, there’s plenty of people who can help you narrow it down! Meet with your academic advisor, career counselors, faculty members, and alumni who can help guide you in your decision.

It’s perfectly fine if you don’t have a major in mind right away. When Philip Francis started at Southeast, he had several different interests. He was able to explore all of those interests until he decided on the major that was the perfect fit for him. Philip is now studying business administration at SEMO!

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